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East meet West - Sticks‘n’Sushi opens in Greenwich

The Japanese restaurant delivers cuisine which is an "affordable luxury"

East met West for the recent opening of the Danish-owned, Japanese restaurant Sticks‘n’Sushi in Greenwich.

Amid soft lighting and atmospheric music, friendly staff delivered delicious, vibrantly colourful dishes combining the freshest ingredients and at the well-stocked seated bar, staff served a compelling range of beverages including wines, Asian and Western whiskeys, cocktails and sake.

The restaurant, located on the corner of Nelson Road and King William Walk, is the third London-based addition to the restaurant group having already established an excellent reputation in Wimbledon and Covent Garden.

The Greenwich menu offers the same high-quality choice as Wimbledon and Covent Garden and for those less keen on fish, there is a selection of chicken, pork, beef, lamb and vegetable yakitori – all grilled to order.

The menu also offers vegetarian dishes as well as a variety of salads and tasty delicacies.

Two food menus are on offer, one a la carte with old recipes and traditional dishes added gastronomic anarchy, and the other focused on sharing plates, which can make ordering in groups much easier.

Designed by Berlin and Basel-based architectural firm Diener & Diener Architekten, the restaurant space is characterized by its S-form which results from extending the existing street front area with the integration of the courtyard area in the back.

Founded 20 years ago by the brothers Kim & Jens Rahbek together with Thor Andersen, Sticks’n’Sushi take inspiration from their half-Japanese, half-Danish background, they created a unique cuisine that combined two culinary traditions – Sushi and Yakitori from the charcoal grills.

This made Sticks’n’Sushi a dynamic and innovative force on the Danish restaurant scene currently with ten restaurants in Copenhagen.

The 90-seat restaurant offers two different atmospheres reflected in the design and in the ways of seating.

The older section of the listed building features softer, warmer wooden furnishing to create a cosy atmosphere with a lower ceiling and larger tables complemented by a communal bar.

The space further into the restaurant is monochrome featuring eggshell colours, two skylights, an open-plan kitchen to provide a more theatrical element and smaller tables for a more intimate feel.

Music is another key part of the experience, creating an atmosphere and customer mood with a mixture of jazz and funk and popular songs that alternate depending on the day and time of the week.

“It’s a great journey and now the real serious business starts of serving the guests”, explains Kim Rahbek Hansen, CEO of Sticks, ‘n’ Sushi, “Our philosophy at Sticks ‘n’ Sushi is to make a difference when we can, create a core spirit amongst the staff, making and them more energised which is turn is experienced by our customers. For us, we’re delivering on a promise and make eating here an affordable luxury”.

The restaurant is also keen to engage with the wider community, being involved with schools through sushi classes, birthday parties and lessons about sustainable fish, the history of sushi and basic sushi making.

“We’re trying to be a good neighbour to everyone not only with serving our food”, explains Kim Rahbek Hansen, “We’ve had a number of classes which are a great way of sharing our cuisine with youngsters and we try to do things both locally but also for the wider community“.

Kim’s favourite dishes:

“Miso soup and a bowl of rice, because if a Japanese restaurant can provide that kind of quality in these simple dishes then the kitchen is good.”

Kim’s favourite sights in Greenwich:

The Royal Observatory, the vibrant hustle and bustle of Greenwich Market and the River Thames.”

To book your table at Sticks 'n' Sushi in Greenwich, call 020 3141 8220

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