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Three places to: grab a burger

Three places to: grab a burger

Eating vegan

Eating out for vegans can be tricky, but it doesn't have to be. Here are a few vegan-friendly establishments that Greenwich has to offer.

Something of a local institution and slightly off the beaten track, Royal Teas is a favourite with Greenwich vegans and vegetarians (as well as their carnivorous buddies). The vegetarian options do appear egg-heavy, but there is lots on the menu for vegans if you search a bit. Spicy bean tortillas and healthy porridge oats make for tasty breakfast options. The coffee is fantastic as well. This is a popular breakfast spot so if you want a table you're going to have to get up early. Or skip breakfast entirely and turn up for brunch.

If you're having cake in Royal Teas, it would be remiss not to pop into The Creaky Shed  grocery store on your way back into town. There is nowhere else in Greenwich where you'll find such vibrant and fresh fruit and veg. Sure, your goodies will cost you a few more pennies than in the supermarket, but everything looks so tasty that you'll want to snack as you walk around this gorgeous little shop (don't do that, it's frowned upon). The Creaky Shed also does a fruit and veg box with free delivery if you're local.

Greenlands Health Foods is where you should go for your grains, nuts and snacky things. They've got a whole bunch of nibbles that you've probably never heard of. A bag of lentils might not be the most unusual thing you can buy in Greenwich Market, but good prices and smiling faces make this shop a must-visit if you're after something healthy. You can pick up your vitamins here too.

14 Greenwich Market

The Ethiopian Vegetarian Food stall in the market isn't a restaurant but has made a bit of a splash with vegetarians and meat-eaters. They dish up delicious, spicy food at prices that compete with the rest of the food on offer at the weekends. Greenwich Market is offering good-quality food from around the world, and it's great to see that there are some solid vegetarian and vegan options among the stalls.

Greenwich Market

It's surprising to most that you can't tell the difference between vegan cupcakes and those that use eggs, but then, when have you ever tasted eggs in a cake? Ruby Tuesdays Bakery  creates beautiful cupcakes and brownies, as well as traditional layer cakes. Choose between flavours like lemon and blueberry or chocolate and peppermint as you're strolling around the market. You'll also find cakes that are free from wheat, gluten and sugar, so they're the perfect treat if you're on a special diet.

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