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A Jazzy Number - Corrie Dick

The rising star in jazz music talks to Greenwich Mag about his inspiration, Greenwich and the movie Whiplash

By Kristian Brunt-Seymour

A stone's throw from Greenwich Market is a dynamic and ever innovating presence on the UK jazz scene. Glaswegian Corrie Dick is a musician recognised for his fluency, touch and abandon on the drum kit and recently the graduate of Trinity Laban, is co-leader of jazz-rock-improv powerhouse “Blue-Eyed Hawk” whose debut album Under The Moon is due for release in Australia, Germany and Norway in 2015 following it’s success in the UK. 

At his current performance scene in Oliver's Jazz Bar - a place he has played at for around three years, Corrie plays regularly at Jazz on Mondays, an evening where two up and coming stars combine with two superstars to make some musical magic happen.

"Oliver's has had Jazz on Mondays since it started so it's a big tradition", explains 24-year-old Corrie, who now lives in Greenwich, "You have a situation where the older, more experienced musicians say they love playing with the younger talent because the musical language we are playing around with is different to what they're playing normally and the same is true in the other direction."

Outside of drumming, Corrie is probably best known as co-founder of Chaos Collective, an organisation and record label that showcases the work of improvisers and composers in the UK. He performs regularly with Chaos co-founder Laura Jurd (another regular performer at Oliver's Jazz Bar) and features on both of her albums, Landing Ground and Human Spirit.

Although a proud Scot, Corrie has studied with world acclaimed drummers such as Mark Guiliana, Kendrick Scott and studied kpanlogo drumming in Ghana with master Saddiq Addy, nephew of legendary drummer Mustapha Tettey Addy. As a possible result of this, Corrie also studies the music of Morocco, Zimbabwe, Ghana, Benin, Madagascar as well as performing a range of music from a diversity of jazz to folk to contemporary rock. The range of experiences featured on his impressive cv also include being an alumni of Tommy Smith Youth Jazz Orchestra and National Youth Jazz Orchestra of Scotland.

"When I speak to other colleagues they say there's definitely a Scottishness to my music", explains Corrie, "But I have also developed a fascination for African music from Ghana and Morocco - where I've just returned from - as well as Madagascan and Zimbabwean. These musics are so rich and rhythmic - that's why I love them - and hopefully those things come across organically when I'm playing jazz."

Corrie's passion for music began at school when he met Pete Johnstone (another winner of The Young Scottish Jazz Musician of the Year) who Corrie was inspired by owing to Pete's immense enthusiasm for music. Now in London, Corrie enjoys the vibrancy of Greenwich and London as a whole.

"Oliver's is a great place to play and there's such a vibrant music scene in Greenwich. There are loads of creative institutions locally and plenty of innovative people."

"The jazz scene is so different and vibrant in London and wherever you go there's always these sub-genres of really exciting music. It's a reflection of London in general where you have all these incredible cultures combining and all these incredible genres of music combining. I'm sure that's true of more than just the jazz scene, and can include the music scene and art scene in general too. It's a vibrant hub and that's why I moved to London because of all these incredible things that are happening here."

"Playing jazz is not like the movie Whiplash, it's completely different. It's social music and you have to be playing with people in order to grow and make meaningful music that connects with people."

To find out more about Corrie, go to:, follow him on 
Twitter or Facebook.

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